Privacy Policy

Data collected by GrowthBook is never shared with anyone neither is it used for any other purpose outside this application. The reasons for collecting such data are as follows:

  • Login details: To have your unique identification and storage of information.
  • Child’s Picture: To have better visualization of the information.
  • Anthropometric measurement: In Growth Tracker we collect data like weight, height, Mid upper arm circumference and Head circumference, this is used only for growth chart plotting and to give its interpretation.
  • Development tracker questions are asked only to show user about completion and delayed development of their child.

Special thanks to all the sources from which we have gathered information for this app.

  • World Health Organization (WHO): All the growth charts in this application are prepared by using data from Z scores provided by WHO.
  • For Development tracker we have used milestone checklist provided by “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC.
  • Ministry of Health and family welfare, Government of India
  • Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine
  • Indian Academy of Pediatricians
  • American Association of Pediatricians
  • United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  • American Dental Association
  • Indian Dental Association