Know every thing about Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV):

What is Pneumococcal disease?

Pneumococcal disease is an illness caused by bacteria called pneumococcus. It is often mild, but can cause serious symptoms, lifelong disability, or death. Children younger than 2 years old are among those most at risk for the disease.

What are the symptoms of Pneumococcal disease?

Symptoms depend on the part of the body it affects.

  • Pneumococcal pneumonia (lung infection) causes: Fever or chills, Cough ,Rapid breathing or difficulty breathing ,Chest pain
  • Pneumococcal meningitis (infection of the covering of the brain and spinal cord) causes: Stiff neck or headache, High fever, Increased pain from bright lights, Confusion
  • Blood infection (bacteremia and sepsis) from pneumococcal disease can cause fever, chills, or low alertness.
  • Pneumococcal disease causes up to half of middle ear infections (otitis media). Symptoms are ear pain; a red, swollen ear drum; or sometimes, fever or sleepiness.

Does PCV vaccine provides protection?

Protects your child from potentially serious, and even deadly infections caused by pneumococcal disease, like pneumococcal meningitis (an infection of the tissue covering the brain and spinal cord) and pneumonia (lung infection).

What is the schedule of this vaccine?

Two doses are required

PCV-1 : 6 weeks

PCV-2 : 14 weeks

PCV booster: 9 months

Dose and route of this vaccine?

0.5 ml vaccine dose is given via intramuscular route.

What are the side effects?

Most children don’t have any side effects from the shot. When side effects do occur, they are usually mild and include the following:

  • Fussiness
  • Sleepiness
  • Loss of appetite (not wanting to eat)
  • Redness, swelling, or soreness where the shot was given
  • Fever

Can only two PCV doses are enough for baby? 

No, two PCV doses are not sufficient to confer long lasting immunity, PCV Booster dose must be given.

Can PCV be given to a sick child?

Yes, PCV can be safely administered to a sick child. These children are in particular need of PCV because their risk of pneumococcal disease is high.


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